Budget-friendly ideas for the weekend in Boston 1

Budget-friendly ideas for the weekend in Boston

Visit the Boston Common

Start your budget-friendly weekend by taking a stroll through the Boston Common, one of the oldest public parks in the United States. The park spans across 50 acres and offers a variety of outdoor activities such as picnicking, playing catch, and ice-skating. Entrance to the park is free, but you may need some cash for snacks from the kiosks or hotdog vendors.

Experience the North End

If you are a foodie, visiting Boston is a real treat. The North End, also known as “Little Italy,” is the perfect location for Italian cuisine lovers. You can enjoy a slice of pizza, traditional pasta dishes, or popular seafood options such as lobster. You can also taste the famous cannolis from nearby bakeries. The area is bustling with energy and history, it is advisable to budget around $20 for a filling Italian meal. Learn even more about things to do in Boston this weekend https://www.localite.com in this external resource.

Tour the USS Constitution Museum

A fun activity while keeping costs down is learning history from one of America’s oldest warships. The USS Constitution Museum is a non-profit museum located in Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston. The tour itself is free, but a donation is appreciated. If you are a history buff, this could make your trip to Boston complete.

Visit the Institute of Contemporary Art

If you appreciate art, the Institute of Contemporary Art, also known as “The ICA,” is a world-class exhibition housed in a unique triangular building along Boston’s seaport. The ICA offers free admission every Thursday from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM. If you find Thursday a little too out of budget, the entrance fee for adults is usually $15, and it’s totally worth it.

Take a hike

Boston’s Emerald Necklace parks offer some of the most stunning views in the city. This particular park system was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the same architect who designed New York’s Central Park. The parks’ well-designed paths and gardens create a natural escape from everyday city life. The best part is that the Emerald Necklace parks system offers free entrance to everyone. Don’t forget your water bottle, bug spray, and comfortable shoes. We’re always striving to provide a comprehensive learning experience. Access this carefully chosen external website and discover additional information on the subject. Explore this related article!


Visiting Boston, Massachusetts, is a fantastic way to learn about the history, culture, and values of the United States. With a little creativity, you can make your Boston stay affordable and enjoyable for you and your travel partners. Try some of these budget-friendly weekend ideas in Boston and get ready to immerse yourself in all the city has to offer.

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