Ensuring Test Security with Remote Exam Monitoring: An Overview of Eklavvya's System 1

Ensuring Test Security with Remote Exam Monitoring: An Overview of Eklavvya’s System

The Importance of Test Security

Exams are a crucial aspect of the education system, and evaluating student performance is essential. However, with the increased online testing in recent years, maintaining test security has become a challenge. Cheating and fraudulent activities not only disrupt fair assessment but also undermine the credibility of the entire education industry. Therefore, it is vital to implement effective measures to ensure test security.

The Need for Remote Exam Monitoring

With advancements in technology, remote exam monitoring has become a popular solution for maintaining test security. Remote monitoring has the capability to prevent cheating and fraudulent activities and ensures that exams’ integrity is not compromised. Remote exam monitoring software not only enhances the quality of assessment but also provides a comfortable and convenient environment for students to appear for exams from anywhere. Gain further insights about Online Examination System with this external source.

Eklavvya’s Remote Monitoring System

Eklavvya is a remote exam monitoring system that is designed to ensure test security. The system offers surveillance and proctoring during online exams. Eklavvya’s remote monitoring system integrates various features that provide a secure examination environment and enhances the credibility of the assessment.

Ensuring Test Security with Remote Exam Monitoring: An Overview of Eklavvya's System 2

How Eklavvya’s System Enhances Test Security

The following are some key features of Eklavvya’s remote monitoring system that ensure test security:

  • Real-time video and audio monitoring: The remote monitoring system provides continuous monitoring of candidates during the exam. Real-time video and audio monitoring ensure that the exam is free from any fraudulent activities. Furthermore, this feature prevents cheating by detecting any suspicious activities by the candidates.
  • AI-based proctoring: Eklavvya’s remote monitoring system uses artificial intelligence to monitor multiple exams at once. The AI-based proctoring features can monitor various candidates at once and detect any non-compliance. AI-based proctoring software has advanced features that can detect cheating and notify the proctor in real-time.
  • Complete screen capture: Eklavvya’s remote monitoring software provides a complete screen capture facility that captures every candidate’s screen activity. The screen capture feature prevents candidates from accessing other applications, websites, or any external source. This ensures that the candidates only use the exam window during the assessment.
  • One-to-one and one-to-many proctoring: Eklavvya’s remote monitoring system provides one-to-one and one-to-many proctoring. One-to-one proctoring ensures that only one candidate appears in the exam at once, and one-to-many proctoring monitors multiple candidates together. This feature provides a flexible facility to conduct the exam within the institution’s available resources.
  • Password protected exam: Eklavvya’s remote monitoring software uses a password-protected exam feature that ensures that only the authorized candidate can take the exam. The password-protected exam feature prevents unauthorized access to the exam window and maintains the exam’s integrity.
  • Conclusion

    Eklavvya’s remote monitoring software is an effective tool that ensures test security. The software provides various features that maintain the quality of assessment and credibility. Furthermore, remote exam monitoring provides a comfortable and convenient platform for candidates to appear for exams from anywhere. Therefore, institutions must adopt remote monitoring systems to maintain exam security and credibility. Broaden your understanding by checking out this external content! Online Examination System, explore the suggested site.

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