The Importance of Aerial Lift Maintenance and Inspections in Industrial Settings 1

The Importance of Aerial Lift Maintenance and Inspections in Industrial Settings

In today’s industrial age, the use of aerial lifts has become a norm. Aerial lifts are used to perform various maintenance tasks or carry out construction work at heights that are impossible to reach manually. However, as with any industrial equipment, they require proper maintenance and periodic inspections to ensure their safe operation and avoid accidents.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a schedule of regular planned maintenance to keep equipment running efficiently, reduce downtime, and prolong the life of the equipment. With aerial lifts, preventive maintenance is crucial to ensure they are safe and efficient. Maintenance procedures such as tuning, lubrication, and cleaning must be carried out regularly to keep the lift working optimally. The process usually involves three steps:

  • Inspection: Before any maintenance work is done, it’s crucial to inspect the lift. Look for signs of wear and tear, damaged or worn-out parts, or any other signs of damage.
  • Repair: Once an issue is noticed during inspection, repair or replace the faulty parts. If the issue is more complicated, involving significant modifications to the equipment, it may need rebuilding, and this should be done by a professional.
  • Maintenance: After inspection and repair work, carry out preventive maintenance work like cleaning, changing filters, oiling, etc.
  • Inspections

    Aerial lift inspections are crucial to ensure the safety of personnel who work with them. Inadequate inspections are often a leading cause of accidents, and some people have even lost their lives due to equipment failure. The following types of inspections should be carried out:

    The Importance of Aerial Lift Maintenance and Inspections in Industrial Settings 2

  • Pre-shift inspection: Pre-start inspections are performed before putting a lift into service. This is a brief inspection to ensure that the lift is in good working condition before use.
  • Frequent inspections: These inspections are done regularly, usually every month or two, and are more in-depth. During this inspection, the inspection team should focus on the mechanical function of the lift and ensure that the machine has no issues that would impact operational safety.
  • Periodic inspections: These inspections should be performed once or twice annually. It is a comprehensive inspection that must be conducted by a qualified professional. During this inspection, components are removed if necessary for more detailed inspections.
  • Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Aerial Lift Maintenance and Inspections

    Ignoring aerial lift maintenance and inspections can cause significant problems, starting with safety concerns. It can also lead to downtime, additional maintenance costs, and shortening the life of the equipment. Aerial lift failures can also cause serious injury or death; a properly maintained and inspected lift will always be more reliable. It is a wise decision to partner with an authorized aerial lift service company to handle all service needs and repairs promptly. With numerous aerial lift maintenance services out there, selecting a reputable partner will ensure that you get the desired service required by the equipment.


    Inspection and maintenance of aerial lifts are critical to maintaining a safe and productive work environment. By following the preventive maintenance schedule and inspection, you can avoid costly repairs, increase the life of the equipment, and save your staff from dangerous working conditions. Thus, it’s essential to partner with a reputable and authorized service provider to handle all maintenance and repair work promptly. To further enhance your understanding of the subject, be sure to check out this specially curated external resource., it’s packed with valuable information to supplement your reading.

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